Becoming Parents A Spiritual Journey is unique.

Four issues are sent to you over the term of your pregnancy and each issue will be delivered at a time that is personalized, based on the baby’s due date.

Through the four issues parents will  learn effective ways to meditate, pray and connect with one another and their baby.

Issue One: A New Beginning

You’re going to have a baby. Congratulations!

This issue concentrates on the first trimester with articles about the need for an expectant mother to look after herself: the spiritual and physical health of the parents and the unborn infant; the importance of the father’s role; the exciting first ultrasound and the Spiritual Moment around this experience; and not raising the bar too high with your expectations for your unborn baby.

Issue Two: A Growing Awareness

The second issue of Becoming Parents considers the second trimester and some of the things expectant parents can look forward to. For example, preparing to share your lives with a new member of the family; how to stay relaxed; the decision about whether you want to know your baby’s gender; thinking of names for your baby; writing in a journal to your baby each week; and navigating the social media maze.

Issue Three: The Home Stretch

The third issue looks at the third trimester with our writers covering such stories as what parents’ really needs when purchasing baby clothes and setting up nurseries; preparing for your baby’s arrival; bringing your baby home from hospital; the level of support needed from family and relatives; and perinatal anxiety and depression.

Issue 4: And a New Journey Begins

In this fourth issue of Becoming Parents there are articles on instilling the right values in your child; what expectant parents want for their baby in life; coping with exhaustion and sleep deprivation; what’s wrong with my crying baby? Breastfeeding in public; being environmentally mindful about nappies; celebrating your baby’s first bath and walk; coping with visitors and setting boundaries.